Hunting Strategies: Seth Tags E.T. – Episode #371

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 Watch Seth’s hunt for an epic deer, E.T, in GrowingDeer episode 371.

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Pro-Staffer Seth Harker has been chasing a buck with out of this world brow tines. Seth called the buck E.T., extra terrestrial, because he’d never seen a buck near his place with such long brow tines. He hunted E.T. all season and kept shifting strategies. Finally, during the late season E.T. was back. Watch this epic hunt to see Seth’s strategy!

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 Shot placement on a nice buck Grant tagged.Short Clip:

See the hunting partner that never lets us down in this short clip!


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 Checking the trap line

New Weekly Blog:

If you are trapping to help balance predator numbers read the blog at this link! Over the years we have found several tricks that can help you become more efficient with your time.

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 A shed buck munches on a turnip.Tip of the Week:

Look closely before filling antlerless tags as many bucks are shedding early this year throughout the whitetail’s range.