Hunting Strategies: Ponds And Pasture Land – Episode #349

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Learn hunting strategies for ponds and pasture land in GrowingDeer episode 349.

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This week is filled with hunting strategies! We reveal a secret weapon for early and mid-season hunting. Plus, our new method to maintain that secret weapon for years to come. Watch as we share techniques to hunting small properties in cattle county. See deer in season when your neighbors aren’t!

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Peaches is a mature, non-typical buck.Short Clip:

Test your eye! Can you spot the hit list buck in this clip?

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Handy a 5.5 year old buck

New Weekly Video Blog: The Center Of Attention

Want to know why we let deer reach maturity? Adam walks us through the development of an impressive buck we call Handy.

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Adam practices with his Prime Rize bow

Tip of the Week:

Back it up! Once you master the close range shots, step back and gain confidence at longer distances, extending your range this season!