Hunting Strategies, Food Plots, Turkey Calling and More! – Episode #436

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 GrowingDeer Field Days allows us to share management and hunting techniques New Video

We recently held our annual Field Days at The Proving Grounds. Follow along as we share our management and hunting techniques with fellow landowners and hunters! Get an inside look and see the fun we had along the way!

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128 folks attended the GrowingDeer 2018 Spring Field EventNew blog:

There were so many kind, friendly folks here at the Field Event: 128 folks from Georgia to New York to Michigan to Texas. Each and every one of them were passionate about deer hunting and deer management. Here are a few of the folks and just a little insight into why they came.




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Using a Fourth Arrow Rex Arm to film a turkey huntTurkey filming tips:

Learn tips on how to film a quality turkey hunt that you can share with your family and friends!



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 Cluck sound with a Hook’s Custom Calls pot call Short VIDEO:

Here’s a video to watch and listen to over and over! Watch World Champion Friction Turkey Caller Steve Morgenstern as he shows how to call turkeys. Listen, practice and learn!



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Practice close shots to prepare for turkey season.

Tip of the Week:

Turkeys can get very close and that means you may need to use your 30 or 40 yard pin to hit the target. Practice close shots to prepare for turkey season.