Hunting Lease Habitat Improvements = Great Deer Hunting

By GrowingDeer,

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Chase and Rylan White have another Ozark Mountain buck on the ground!


Much of the land around their hunting lease is hardwood timber. Quality cover and food is limited. They have done a lot of habitat improvement work during the past year, including timber stand improvement and creating quality food plots. By improving the habitat for whitetails, Chases’ property has become very attractive to critters – especially deer! See THIS hunt were Rylan tagged a bruiser of a buck during the early youth portion of the Missouri 2021 deer season.

Chase knew that during the rut, bucks can lose up to 30% of their body weight and need calories to continue seeking receptive does. During this time of the year, a food source can be a great hunting location for bucks.

Their strategy worked – he tagged a mature buck on this hunting lease! Rylan did a great job behind the camera! We’ll be sharing the entire hunt in an episode coming soon.