Hunting Kansas Whitetails: Our Biggest Buck To Date! (Episode 149 Transcript)

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GRANT: Monday, September 24th and Adam and I just returned from a great hunt in Kansas with ten reasons we want to go back again next year.

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GRANT: It’s muzzleloader season in Kansas. Last Wednesday Adam and I rolled on out to Kansas to hunt with a friend of mine on his property. I’ve hunted there in the past and took a great buck with my bow there two years ago. So we were super excited to get out to Kansas knowing the potential that that state produces year after year.

GRANT: (Whispering) Pow.

GRANT: Hunting in Eastern Kansas with a friend of mine who’s a spot and stalk hunter. He doesn’t use tree stands. So it’s gonna to be a great hunt. Great for me. A little challenging for Adam toting that camera all around.

GRANT: These couple days have been warm and swirling winds and we were waiting to go into a better area and kind of collect sign from the distance, always working on that MRI – most recent information.

GRANT: (Whispering) 140, something like that. I couldn’t tell if it was three or four …

GRANT: Saturday afternoon, Adam and I went up through the woods again, moved a little closer to an area I had past experience with. Just kind of scouting and checking if there were acorns in the area.

GRANT: (Whispering) Scent reduction in action. We ended up having a great encounter with a doe, but more importantly, we could hear turkeys and squirrels working acorns on both sides of a small native grass field where we were watching. (Whispering) Less than 60 seconds ago, it was going that way. That’s why Adam and I used a whole system to reduce our scent to a minimum, so, as we’re walking through, not much scent is coming off our clothes.

GRANT: It was forecast to get in the high 30’s Sunday morning – by far the coldest day of the 2012 season.

GRANT: Adam and I were up early, made the drive to the property; got dressed on site before light and slid into this little native grass bottom where I’ve had past success. About 40 yards into it, Adam and I simultaneously said, “There’s a shooter.” And hit the ground moving back to the wood line.

GRANT: (Whispering) Tell me when you’re rollin’. 157.

GRANT: It’s odd how these things work out in hindsight. Exactly where we slid in, we filmed a buck making that scrape that I end up harvesting a few days later.

GRANT: We were treated to seeing those antlers go back and forth as he worked an overhanging limb and had a lot of tense moments thinking he might walk off in the cover, never to be seen again, or turn back and possibly offering a shot.

GRANT: Thermals and predominant wind are fighting for superiority. They’re starting to do this in that field. Unquestionably, that buck has an opportunity to pick up our scent. Adam and I are both starting to feel that wind hit us solidly on the right cheek, which means it’s traveling up the field toward the buck. And the predominant winds are winning the battle. And as that buck moves a little bit across the field, his head’s up and you can tell he knows something’s not good. He literally stands in one place, head up – not bobbing like he saw something. Head up, trying to get better whiff of something for four minutes.

GRANT: The only option is to wait. He could walk towards the doe. There’s a little rise that would expose his kills. Or back into the tall grass to be gone forever.

GRANT: (Whispering) Are you on him?

ADAM: (Whispering) Yeah. Are you gonna take the shot?

GRANT: (Whispering) Pretty soon.

ADAM: (Whispering) Better do it quick. He’s getting itchy.

GRANT: (Whispering) I got to get around a leaf. (Shot) Dropped him, dropped him, dropped him. Give it to me, brother.

GRANT: I was too excited to turn around and give a composed, macho interview to the camera.

GRANT: Did you hear that thing slam him? Five – slamma jamma. Ohh, I was holding that gun. And holding the gun. You didn’t think I could do that did you?

ADAM: (Laughting) I didn’t think that we were going to be able to pull that off. Thank goodness scent control just…

GRANT: You watch, you watch the smoke go to the deer. You knew our scent was going to the deer. They knew something was up, but they couldn’t get it because…

ADAM: Scent control just…

GRANT: That’s a good buck.

ADAM: That was amazing, wasn’t it? How did that happen?

GRANT: Well, we’ve up and got our hands on him and I could not be happier. Clean mainframe ten with some kickers coming off in front and back.

GRANT: Adam and I were on point for quite some time. But the doe really helped us out as this buck’s obviously been scraping. We saw him scrape. There’s a mark on his antlers where he’s been rubbing. And he’s feeling that dating season coming on and he was curious about that doe. Got a little blade action going on. You know that boy was going to be rough on trees. Look how gnarly those bases are.

ADAM: Whoo. We worked for that one didn’t we?

GRANT: You know.

ADAM: Day three isn’t it? Day three or four.

GRANT: Day three or four. I don’t remember as a good hunt should be.

GRANT: You know, the great thing is we stayed out of this area. We knew from past hunts it was a great area ‘til that wind got right and the temperature dropped. But you gotta spend some days sometimes waiting for that weather to change. And as you’re waiting, stay out of your best areas. No need of getting in there and boogering it up and alerting the deer making them a bit more cautious. This buck obviously wasn’t too cautious because the land owner and I had stayed out of this area. And that paid off massive dividends this morning.

GRANT: Adam and I took some time to reflect on that and concluded that all the work we’ve been doing pre-season and even during season of cleaning our clothes and how we store our clothes and how we do our personal hygiene using Dead Down Wind and ScentMaster – all the steps we take – paid off huge dividends and you can bet we’ll be doing that exact same system through the rest of the season.

GRANT: The Dead Down Wind and GrowingDeer Team would love for you to experience the same type of hunt we had in Kansas. Check this out for a giveaway of a Dead Down Wind package and see what it does for your hunting.

GRANT: Official gross score, official gross green score – 168 1/8”. That makes the ride home really easy.

GRANT: I hope you have a chance to get out in Creation and share those experiences with your family and friends and most importantly, think about the Creator. Thanks for watching