Hunting Hit List Bucks During the Late Season – Episode #422

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Learn our hunting strategies in GrowingDeer episode #422!New Video

The GrowingDeer Team has had multiple encounters with hit list bucks! Learn our hunting strategies for late season buck hunting as we close in on Southpaw, Hitch, Herman and Cactus Jack.

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A buck walks through a gap in a Hot Zone fence

new weekly blog:

We’ve changed our hunting strategies for the late season and are now focusing on food. Find out how we have prepared for this time of the year by protecting standing soybeans!



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Grant answers questions at the skinning shed

Short VIDEO:

Grant takes questions and gives answers to deer hunters after a successful hunt. “Live” at the skinning shed!




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Setting a dog proof trap using a screwdriver

Tip of the Week:

A screwdriver is a great tool for holding the spring and setting a dog proof trap!