Hunting Handy: The Final Chapter​ – Episode #366​

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Watch the hunt for Handy in GrowingDeer episode 366.

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This week is all about the number one buck on our 2016 Hit List: Handy. We have a lot of history with this buck, from passing him as a 3.5 year old to this last hunt! Watch to see the route taken to write the final chapter for Handy.

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A mature buck under a Tink's Scrape BombShort Clip:

Want to see what we see? Check out the latest Reconyx videos. November at The Proving Grounds!


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A mature buck staying close to thick cover

New Weekly Blog:

Are you prepared? The post-rut is just around the corner. Plan your next hunt appropriately.

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A buck feeding mid-day in an Eagle Seed food plot.Tip of the Week:

A hard frost can delay feeding patterns. Don’t be afraid to sit till mid-day.