Hunting Feral Hogs

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Growing up, late January to the middle of March was my least favorite time of year. Deer season was closed, turkey season wouldn’t open for a few months, and it was cold. For a teenage boy who loved to be outdoors, it was a boring time of year. As time has gone on, I’ve discovered new things to help get through this time of the year, and it can be almost as exciting as chasing deer in the fall!

A successful hog hunt in southern Florida

Grant and Adam enjoying a successful hog hunt in southern Florida.

Throughout America there is a growing population of feral hogs. These highly invasive animals are causing much damage. Eating crops/food plots, turning over soil, and even predating on some prey species, these reproductive maniacs are moving in on native wildlife. As wildlife managers it’s important to do our part to help balance all aspects of creation. We talk a lot about balancing buck to doe ratios and balancing predator prey relationships; it’s also important to control invasive species like feral hogs.

Hunting feral hogs is a blast! Feral hogs are very smart and have an incredible sense of smell. Hunting feral hogs will sharpen your hunting skills. Plus, they provide some excellent meat for the table. Hunting is not an effective way to decrease the population. Many landowners will need to resort to trapping, but hunting can remove several animals while you get to enjoy a great hunting experience.

Grant and I have had a lot of fun chasing feral hogs over the last couple of years, but we recently had one of our best hunts in southern Florida! Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of to watch it all unfold.

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