How To Estimate A Buck’s Score By Guest B&C Expert – Episode #403

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Learn how to estimate a buck’s score from a guest Boone & Crockett expert

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Most hunters want to know what a buck scores. This can be difficult when trying to estimate a buck’s score in a hunting situation. This week, our friend Richard Hale, Chairman of the Boone and Crockett Records committee, shares his personal method for estimating antler scores before the shot!

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A bot fly pesters a doeShort Clip:

Here’s a cool moment that was captured in creation! Watch this bot fly and doe interaction!


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Mature buck in a food plot

New Weekly Blog:

To harvest big bucks there have to be big bucks in the area. The buck age structure and quality of habitat have a huge influence on the number and quality of bucks on a property. Find out why the most satisfied hunters have realistic expectations where they hunt.


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A hunter wears rubber boots when checking a Reconyx trail camera to help minimize scent

Tip of the Week:

Human scent can alert deer and influence their movement. Wearing rubber boots when checking trail cameras is a great way to help minimize scent left in the woods and reduce alerting deer in the area.