How To Create A Red Hot Hunting Spot

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Deer love grain (carbohydrates/energy) during deer season. This is why they are so attracted to acorns, corn, etc. Corn can be very tough to grow in a food plot environment, especially small food plots. Another source for carbohydrates are Eagle Seed forage soybeans. They are easy to grow even in small plots! Deer LOVE to browse on soybeans, especially young soybeans.

However, depending on the number of deer and amount of food in the area deer can damage young soybeans by browsing them so intensively they can’t grow. Since deer love soybean pods I want to ensure some soybeans in smaller food plots aren’t over browsed and mature to make pods!

A Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System is a great tool to create a red hot hunting spot..

A Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System is a great tool to create a honey hole.

A few years ago I started using electric fences to successfully protect food plot crops until it was time to hunt over them. I was amazed that a two foot tall electric fence will keep deer out of a food plot that had tasty young soybeans!

The fence works because of the overall design. The key is to place one ½” white electric fence tape 18” above the ground around the outside edge of the forage you wish to protect. Go in toward the forage three feet and place another layer of fence with two wires – one 10” and one 24” above the ground. There are great diagrams and instructions at the Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System webpage.

The system is powered by a solar panel that trickle charges a battery – so the fence is hot 24/7. I’ve been amazed at forage growth inside versus outside the fence. I’ve seen soybeans be lip high outside the fence and over four feet tall inside the fence! When I’m ready to hunt I will simply remove the fence or create a gap! Deer will find the gap within just a few days so it’s important to have a stand in place before hunting season!

I’ve reused the same fence for multiple years. It’s a great tool to create a honey hole where you want it – where you can approach or exit the stand without spooking deer and the common wind direction is favorable for hunting!

I didn’t like putting up fences on our farm as a kid. I really enjoy it now knowing the payoff is a red hot stand location!

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