How To Build A Hit List – Episode #348

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Learn how to build a hit list in GrowingDeer episode #348.

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Do you have your eye on any bachelor groups this summer? Go into deer season with a harvest plan! Watch as we’ll show you how to build a hit list with the bucks your trail cameras are capturing now. Plus, see the progress of the key tool for our cold weather hunting strategy. The Hot Zone fence is a game changer for late bow season!

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Grant assists an intern.Short Clip:

Want to be a wildlife biologist? Here is our advice for you. This will get you the experience needed to work in the wildlife field.

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Dr. Grant Woods explaining ponds for hunting strategies

New Weekly Video Blog: Hunting Strategies – Ponds!

Are small ponds part of your hunting strategy? Grant shows a problem pond then explains how he plans to make it a hunting hot spot.

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Lacrosse Boots sprayed with Dead Down Wind

Tip of the Week:

Is your hunting gear scent free? Now is a great time to treat, wash, and store your gear for success on opening day.