Hot Summer Work: Habitat Management and Scouting Bucks – Episode #450

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Improving native habitat and fall hunting strategies in GrowingDeer episode 450.


Watch as the GrowingDeer Team works on improving the native habitat to control an invasive sericea lespedeza. Plus, a seven-year-old buck named Swoops is alive and on the hit list. See how we’ve begun planning this fall’s hunting strategy for Swoops.

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Grant with the summer InternsNew blog:

This summer, we have been blessed to spend time in the field (and after work hours) with three young men that are passionate about deer hunting, fishing and the outdoors. Here is a little more about the faces you see on GrowingDeer.


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Buck next to a Code Blue scrapeOur Favorite Scrape Video:

We can’t wait until the Code Blue scrapes have been re-opened and we see this action again!



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Raleigh holds a frog she got with her bow


This week we went frog hunting with our bows! We will be sharing more of this hunting adventure soon!





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A G5 small game broadhead

Timely Hunting Tip :

The G5 small game head is great for tagging summer game like frogs and squirrels!







A Reconyx trail camera image of a buck

Q & A of the WEEK:

Question: How often do you check cameras during the summer?

Answer: We check them once a week. If a camera location is not capturing deer, we move it to another location.