Hot Hunting: Froggin’ – Episode #451

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Frog hunting in GrowingDeer episode 451.

Arrows fly as Danny, Raleigh, Rae and Grant head out for a summer bullfrog hunt! It’s a fun night with friends and family plus great practice for deer hunting. Then we share a food plot update in the midst of drought and heavy browse pressure.

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utilization cage shows deer browse in soybean fieldNew blog:

Do you want to improve the quality of wildlife food where you hunt? We share seven steps for creating healthier soil and better food plots.



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A close encounter while huntingHunting Strategy Improved:

Reducing scent from our clothes and gear helps us have close encounters and the opportunity to tag game!



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hungry deer will browse on multiflora rose

Wildlife Management Tip:

Extensive browse on low quality species like multiflora rose can indicate that deer are hungry and searching hard for quality food sources.






Clay found a mess of ticks while working in the field

FAcebook Recap:

Clay found a mess of ticks while working in the field! Be mindful of ticks this summer.





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We scout using Reconyx trail cameras

Q & A of the WEEK:

Question: When do you start scouting for deer season?

Answer: We have already started! We are scouting and identifying oaks that are producing acorns as well as monitoring deer travel patterns with our Reconyx trail cameras.