Habitat Improvement: Helping Wildlife and Landowners – Episode #448

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Improving habitat and creating hunting opportunities in GrowingDeer episode 448.

Grant visits a landowner to develop a habitat management plan for his property . Watch as he recommends how to improve habitat and encourage great hunting opportunities. Plus, the folks at Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland tour The Proving Grounds.

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Fawn covered in ticks

Tick Awareness!:

There seems to be more ticks this year than usual. In some areas ticks will likely cause the death of several fawns and many humans will get a tick-borne illness. Be safe and treat your clothes with a permethrin based product and regularly check for ticks!




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Doe with fawnNew blog:

Recently, while cutting cedars in a bedding area, Skyler Partain found a fawn nestled in the native vegetation. It was a great reminder that improving habitat has many benefits. Find out how we have helped our deer herd by creating great bedding and fawning habitat.

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Hot Zone fence protects beansShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

See the results of protecting Eagle Seed forage soybeans with a Hot Zone fence until the conditions are right for hunting!



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Eagle Seeds' indeterminate forage soybeans

Tip of the Week:

Even under heavy browse pressure, Eagle Seeds’ indeterminate forage soybeans continue to sprout new stems and provide high quality forage!