Habitat Improvement and Hunting Plan: Southern Missouri Example

By GrowingDeer,

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Daniel and summer intern Scott McAlpine recently toured a property in southern Missouri and worked with the landowner to develop a habitat improvement and hunting plan.

This property had several cattle pastures that could easily be converted into food plots. It is much easier to convert pastures or previously cleared areas into food plots than to clear timber. 

Daniel strategically designed plots to create multiple bottlenecks/hunting locations while meeting the landowner’s hunting goals.

While touring Daniel found multiple smilax plants with heavy browse which told Daniel quality food was limited. By adding more quality food deer could express more of their potential and create better hunting opportunities.

Daniel also recommended the landowner use TSI to open the forest canopy and allow sunlight to reach the forest floor. Through the use of prescribed fire these areas could be managed for native grasses and forbs and provide quality cover and native browse.

After the tour, Daniel sat down with the landowner and used @onxhunt to map out the food plot and TSI locations. The landowner can now use the map in the field as he begins his habitat projects.

OnX map marked for new food plots and habitat work