Great Management, Great Results! – Episode #395

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch GrowingDeer episode 395 to learn more food plot tips and management practices.

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Want to maximize your hunting property? This week we share even MORE tips for maximizing food plot acreage, soil moisture, native browse and cover! See how our management practices can help your property express its hunting potential!

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May trail camera pictures shows two bucks with antler growthShort Clip:

Antlers continue to grow and it won’t be long before we start creating our 2017 hit list! Check out several bucks that have already caught our eye!


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Soybean map compared to big bucks map

New Weekly Blog:

Age and quality forage are key for growing larger antlers! Find out how making quality forage available year round can help bucks express their antler potential and create better hunting!


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A utilization cage

Tip of the Week:

Utilization cages can be a great indicator of deer numbers compared to available food. If crops inside the cage are taller than outside, you may need to increase food plot acreage or harvest more deer this fall.