Good to be Back Home

By GrowingDeer,

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The kids in snow
Always good to be back home!! It snowed 3″ +/- at The Proving Grounds last night and today. The kids had fun playing outside! It’s easy to forget about wildlife when playing with the family. That was till I heard some very excited voices downstairs. A large coyote entered the edge of our yard – and left before I could get out the door with my favorite rifle. Most folks know I prefer to see deer than coyotes. But my level of excitement doesn’t compare to Tracy’s when major predators are near her chickens. When the ground is frozen coyotes have a very hard time catching mice. They frequently seek other prey species. One good thing about Tracy’s chickens is that they may serve as a buffer prey species and save an old buck that hasn’t fully recovered from the rigors of the rut. However, Tracy strongly encouraged me to be a bit faster next time.

Growing Deer together,