Good Property Management Requires Practice and Training

By Grant Woods,

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I returned from working in New York at a property where the family that owns it has worked very hard with great skill to improve the habitat and herd.  Then this morning I had a guest come to tour The Proving Grounds.  I always enjoy such tours as usually the guest and I learn from each other.  This guest was a professional photographer. He provided me some great hints about using light and other aspects of his trade.  We toured many of the food plots, past prescribed fires, ponds, etc., at The Proving Grounds as I shared with him tips and techniques to use on his Proving Grounds in Oklahoma.

While touring, I was also able to see which food plots are doing well, which ones are showing too much browse for this time of year, etc.  This allows me plan where to concentrate doe harvest efforts, plan for future food plot expansion projects, etc.  It’s always obvious when touring other properties if the folks care about the property year round or only during deer season.  Most properties require year round work to express their full potential.  Yes, properties have potential just like bucks have potential.  It requires skill and application to bring out the potential in a property so the local herd can express its potential.  There are a few properties that naturally produce quality deer year after year.  However, they are about as rare as a top performing athlete that doesn’t require practice or training.  I enjoy owning a property that requires practice and training.  I find it very rewarding to learn and see progress as a result of my efforts.

Growing Deer together,