Going Native! – Episode #400

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Watch our habitat management tips is GrowingDeer episode 400.

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Improving the odds for nutritious, native vegetation can pay big benefits for the overall health and antler size for the deer herd on your property. Watch as Grant shares the results of a recent timber stand improvement test and how his findings are helping him encourage native grasses and forbs. Plus, see how we are perfecting our shooting form for opening day!

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Heath looks at a Bloodsport arrowShort Clip:

Watch this recap of when Pro Staffer Heath Martin punched a 2016 tag in Kansas!



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Dead fawn

New Weekly Blog:

Predators can have a huge impact on deer numbers! Find out why wildlife managers need to help balance predators and remove them when given the chance!


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A hunter setting up a tree stand.

Tip of the Week:

While hanging stands, always wear a safety harness and be tied to the tree before leaving the ground.