Four Bucks Down – Episode #315

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch four bucks go down during rifle season in GrowingDeer episode #315.

With the final days of Missouri’s gun season approaching, Grant has a plan and heads to the woods with his Winchester. His strategy started years ago with habitat management and it paid off with a big mature buck!

What happens when you put time and effort into your hunting property? Big things happen! After two years of following Grant’s management plan, owners Doc, Graham and Norman show us some great Kentucky gun hunting. Three bucks go down during opening weekend!

“Deercember” is here and food sources can be dynamite hunting! We’ve used the Hot Zone electric fence to protect Eagle Seed beans in key areas. Watch as we finally open the gates and await the cold winter conditions. When deer start to pour in, we’ll be ready!

Tip of the Week:National weather map

The forecast calls for calm weather throughout most of the whitetail’s range this week with temperatures being normal or above normal. These conditions should result in normal to less than normal amounts of daytime deer activity. If the deer herd is healthy and fawns weigh at least 70 pounds, hunting where several fawns are feeding has good odds of producing sightings of mature bucks as some of the female fawns will likely become receptive.