Food Plots For Brutal Winters – Episode #275

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch episode #275 to learn which food plots deer need to survive brutal winters.

It’s brutal outside these days! Right now the deer are really putting pressure on late winter food plots. If you discover your plots are coming up short, Grant has a successful food plot recipe that will help your deer survive these cold conditions.

Turkey season is right around the corner and we’re getting pumped up about it! The new Winchester shotguns are in, so we’re headed to Bass Pro to get the Nikon scopes mounted and ready for opening day!

With snow on the ground deer will browse on food sources above snow level or dig through the snow for food.

Tip of the Week:

Have Your Plots Succeeded?

This winter has provided some tough conditions.  It’s the ideal test for your late winter plots. Now’s the time to check your plots, learn where they’ve worked and where they haven’t. If you’re not satisfied, watch this episode for better food plots next winter.