Food Plots and Native Browse | Best Whitetail Forage – Episode #443

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Dr. Grant Woods standing in glade

First Steps to Successful Food Plots
Better Browse Naturally

Learn why one of the first things we do before putting seed into the ground is calibrating the Genesis drill. Plus, see how a chainsaw and prescribed fire have improved our habitat, adding great cover and food for the wildlife!

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Buffalo crossing river in yellowstone NPNew blog: Why the Buffalo Food Plot System?

The Buffalo System is an improved practice that seeks to replicate the natural cycles of the great prairie. I am a strong advocate for this system of food plot management as the benefits for soil conservation, animal health, and the overall environment are tremendous.

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tom turkey gobbling in the sunShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

On a recent Reconyx camera card pull, we saw that one tom was active during the last morning of Missouri’s turkey season. See the show he put on!


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a boag of inoculant on top of bags of Eagle Seed

Tip of the Week:

Store inoculant for soybeans in a cool, shaded place so that the bacteria remains alive until you apply it to seed.