Hunting Whitetails: Finish Strong

By GrowingDeer,

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Here in Missouri we have a five more days left of bow season! It’s been cold and snowy so our hunting strategy  will be to continue to focus on hunting food sources. There are still a few hit list bucks holding their head gear and we would love to pull back and let an arrow fly on one before the end of the season! These last days of bow season are also a great opportunity to harvest a few more does. We are always striving to balance our herd so taking a few more food plot munchers would be a blessing.

In many states deer season has closed and it’s time to transition into shed hunting. To some it may not be as exciting as tagging that buck you have been chasing but it’s still an opportunity to get your hands on some antlers and enjoy Creation!

We have viewed several Reconyx images of bucks that have dropped their antlers. Miss Tracy and her shed dog, Crystal, will be out searching the Ozark hills soon!

Tracy and her Labrador retriever with the sheds from Split Brow Bucks

Tracy and her Labrador Retriever team up each year to hunt for shed antlers.

If your state has already closed for this deer season, I hope that it was a great year and good luck chasing sheds. If you are trying to make the most of the last few days of open season, then be sure to clearly identify your target. Don’t make the mistake of shooting a shed buck that you thought was a doe. That is never a good feeling!

Chasing whitetails together,