Fall Food Plot Techniques – Episode #301

By GrowingDeer,

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What do rain and big antlers have in common? Planting during a rain this time of year is a great technique! We want quality forage growing during as many months throughout the year as possible. Bucks are attracted to new forage and this keeps the dinner table set throughout hunting season. This is great for both the deer and creating quality soil. Quality soil means big antlers and healthy deer. Watch now to see our techniques!

The hit list is growing. Adam could have taken Handy last season. He was a fine-looking buck, standing full broadside…but Adam knew he was only 3. Now, it’s a year later and Handy is back…

Tip of the Week:GDTV301-TipPhoto-2

Look for trails that are not over-grown with foliage when scouting. This indicates heavy use!