Food Plots: Early Drought

By GrowingDeer,

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This time of year is very busy here at The Proving Grounds. We have been chasing turkeys, spraying food plots and lately we have been planting Eagle Seed soybeans. These are all good reasons to be excited. However, there is one thing that has got us a little down.

tractor in field with no-till drill attached and Eagle Seed Soybeans in bags on top of drill

Adam planting Eagle Seed Soybeans this week before the forecasted rain.

In Southern Missouri we are eight inches behind normal rain amounts! That is not what any wildlife manager wants. Drought is extremely tough on wildlife. Fawn survival decreases during drought and bucks rarely express their full antler potential. Spring is the time of year when rain totals usually catch up. This leaves us worried for what summer may bring.

It takes rain to grow quality food and it takes quality food to grow deer and turkey. The Growing Deer team is praying hard for substantial rain. There is a chance of rain the next few days so Adam has been working long hours all week making sure all the food plots get planted. The seed is in the ground and all we can do now is sit back and hope to be blessed with precipitation.

If rain is sparse in your area I encourage you to watch the forecast closely and when the rain is coming, get that seed in the ground! Remember, without risk there is no reward. I hope everyone is blessed with healthy food plots and healthy deer this fall!

Growing whitetails together,