Double Down In Kansas – Episode #391

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Watch a Kansas turkey hunt in GrowingDeer episode 391.

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In this video Heath Martin punches his final Kansas turkey tag then passes the Winchester to his wife Lindsey! Plus, watch as we fire up the Genesis drill and roll into planting season!

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Grant practices blind baleShort Clip:

Turkey season is winding down and we are thinking about
fall! Watch Grant share one of his favorite practice techniques to prepare for bow hunting whitetails!


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Clothing treated with permethrin

New Weekly Blog:

Watch out for ticks this summer! If you are going to be in the woods, treat your clothes now so you can enjoy a tick free summer!





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Adding inoculant to soybeans

Tip of the Week:

Inoculating soybeans helps fix nitrogen in the soil. For the best inoculant results, store inoculant in cool, shady places so the helpful bacteria that fixes nitrogen can live!