Don’t Miss This Video! Buck Hunting And A 260” Surprise – Episode #368

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Huge buck and a woman hunter with a big buck

New Video

Watch as the GrowingDeer Pro-Staff hunts the rut – bucks chasing does! See Lindsey tag a mature buck on the family farm. It’s one of their top hit list bucks that’s a real stud for that part of Arkansas! We’ve got the details of the hunt plus the story on that gnarly buck you see in the trail camera image above. That’s right – 260″ of wild, free-ranging antlers!

Stay tuned for some solid tips and “how to” on trapping nest predators.

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The final moments during the hunt for Handy.Short Clip:

Watch this short clip of the final moments of the hunt for Handy. Pay close attention to see if you can spot the vapor trail of the Winchester Deer Season XP as it closes the distance!

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Deer in a food plot during the late season

New Weekly Blog:

Does deer season always seems to drift away much faster than it arrives for you? If you were unable to fill a tag by the end of the rut, it can be easy to get discouraged. Don’t give up! Read the weekly blog for a strategy on how to stay focused and fill your tags!

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Coyotes running through The Proving Grounds.Tip of the Week:

Deer tags filled? Time to think about trapping fawn nabbers and turkey nest robbers!