Deer Season XP – Episode #261

By GrowingDeer,

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Rae Woods shoots a buck with the new Winchester Deer Season XP in episode 261.

Young Rae spots a buck coming into the food plot. He’s moving fast, but Rae is steely calm on her FieldPod. This will not be good for the buck. Once again, Rae gets to test a brand new Winchester bullet. It’s a special round that’s not even on the market yet, Deer Season XP. The impact results are dramatic. See for yourself. Also this week: Start with steep slopes and acorns, then build a bedding area, then add a couple Muddy stands at key locations. That’s where we’ll find Grant and watch his sweat equity pay off!

A buck is searching for a doe.Tip of the Week:

Hunting The Last Days Of Prime Rut

Finding the doe that hasn’t been bred means action for you. Lots of bucks will be scent-checking feeding areas and cover. Hunt cover during mornings, food sources during evenings.