Deer Season Prep: Creating the Hit List, Scouting and Shooting Tips – Episode #456

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Deer Season Prep in GrowingDeer episode 456.

As summer comes to an end, we’re scouting for velvet bucks, both in the field and with trail cameras. The entire GrowingDeer Team has been working hard to improve the habitat and hunting. See the results of the work and bucks that we hope to chase this fall!

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man loading eagle seed soybean mix into a Genesis No-till drillfood plot tips:

Soil moisture and seed depth are keys to successful planting. Read more here on when and how to plant your fall plots so forage reaches its full potential!



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Making Hook's Messenger grunt call

tools of the trade:

The Messenger is one of the most important tools we take to the deer woods. Find out more!



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Yamaha Wolverine next to water source

pre-season scouting:

Identifying for water sources now could pay off in a few weeks. Early portions of deer season can have warm temperatures and if water is a limited resource, it can be a great hunting location.






Venison loose meat sandwich

sloppy does:

We’re emptying the freezer to make room for this fall’s harvest. Ground venison sure makes a tasty “Sloppy Doe”! Find the recipe here.




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Elk decoy in use

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Do you plan to pack an elk decoy this fall for your hunt in New Mexico?

Answer: Yes! We will have a Montana Decoy in our pack and ready to use when appropriate. We had several great encounters last fall using a decoy and hope to have another great hunt this September!