Deer Season Prep: Creating New Food Plots – Episode #396

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Learn how we design a new food plot in GrowingDeer episode 396.

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Grant and the interns design a new food plot! Watch to see the thoughts and steps to creating a food plot from scratch. It’s a strategy designed to produce quality food and hunting in rough timber. Plus, we share tips on how to capture great trail camera pictures of fawns, does, and of course, BUCKS!

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Mid-June bucks in velvetShort Clip:

We love seeing ANTLERS! Enjoy our recent Reconyx videos of velvet bucks!



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Grant standing in a glade at The Proving Grounds

New Weekly Blog:

Quality cover and designated sanctuaries can result in a healthier deer herd and better hunting! Find out why cover is key for managing mature, huntable whitetails!


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Clay practices shooting a target at close range

Tip of the Week:

Blind bale shooting, or shooting a close target with your eyes closed, is a great way to slow down and focus on shooting form!