Deer Reaction Test: The Results and Lessons – Episode #462

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We recently tested how quickly deer can hear and react to a bow shot

Have you ever had a deer jump string? We recently tested how quickly deer can hear and react to a bow shot. This week we share the entire test and results. What we learned will change the way we hunt! Plus, nine-year-old Rylan White tags his first deer of the season.

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buck searching for food

New blog:

Bucks are genetically programmed to gain weight/develop fat to prepare for the post-rut winter stress period. Grant explains how we can use this knowledge to create successful strategies to tag bucks during October.



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This bear came down the tree we were scouting30 Yard Bear Encounter:

Daniel and Owen were recently scouting for acorns and much to their surprise….down the tree comes a bear!



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Two hunters glassing


Glassing can be a very effective scouting and hunting technique. Work the terrain slowly and scan your surroundings frequently so you can plan your approach without alerting critters







Close up of a DeadMeat broadhead after the shot

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Are the DeadMeat broadheads reusable?

Answer: Yes, the G5 DeadMeat broadheads can be reused! Sharp blades are key. We recommend using replacement blades to ensure the best results and easy tracking!





A Scent Crusher Ozone Tote


It’s deer season and Scent Crusher is giving you the opportunity to save big on the Ozone Tote! The Ozone Tote is the perfect way to keep your gear scent-free to and from your hunts all fall. Check out the Ozone Tote here.