Boone and Crocket Experience

By GrowingDeer,

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It getting cold and the rut is in full swing in most of the whitetails’ range.  There have probably been thousands of articles written about hunting the rut.  However, as deer herds have changed so should the hunting techniques.  There are probably more mature bucks throughout the whitetails’ range now than ever.  Mature bucks behave and influence the behavior of other deer differently than yearling bucks – what most of us grew up hunting.  Deer herd population dynamics have changed, and so has the recruitment of new hunters.  That’s one reason why I’m so proud of Liam Story and his father Jared.

Liam and Jared joined my family for the opening day of rifle season at The Proving Grounds.  Liam is an avid football player and fan.  Saturday is football day for many young men.  However, Liam opted to join his Dad for some time in a ground blind.  Liam remained patient and was rewarded with the opportunity to harvest his first deer!!  Liam made a great shot with a youth model .243 loaded with a Barnes bullet and the 112 pound buck never took another step.Liam Story with his father, Jared, and his first buck

It was a Boone and Crocket experience for all involved!  Liam’s mom joined us for pictures.  I helped debone the deer and was blessed to hear Liam share the details of his hunt.

Why am I so excited about Liam’s hunt?  Because it is becoming rare that youth are opting to go hunting rather than participate in any of the gads of other forms of activities.  I’m a huge believer that many extremely valuable lessons can be learned while hunting.  Liam and his father clearly shared an event that neither of them will ever forget.  Liam’s success was a great motivation for him to want to hunt again.  The meals their family will share from Liam’s buck will be another reinforcement to the quality experience that can’t be duplicated by most other activities.

Deer herds throughout much of the whitetails range are changing for the better.  Unfortunately, the number of hunters joining our ranks has been decreasing for years.  Good deer herds are managed by good hunters.  If you haven’t been blessed by helping a new hunter, then get off the couch.

Growing Deer (and new hunters) together,