Sighting in my Rifle

By GrowingDeer,

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I was raised in a shooting family.  My Dad was the state champion of many states with a muzzleloader.  Both my sisters also won several shooting matches and/or state championships.  We competed in the National Muzzleloader Rifle Associations matches.  Later I was a member of the rifle team for the university I attended as an undergraduate student.  Shooting accurately has always been a part of my life.  We built our own muzzleloaders as modern muzzleloaders were simply not available then (dating myself).

When I began “collecting” deer for pay (yes, I’ve had a great career!), Dr. David Guynn at Clemson introduced me to rolling my own (building my own bullets) to get increased accuracy.  I’ve rolled my own for 20+ years.

However, I haven’t upgraded my reloading equipment in years.  In addition, I’m reached a point in my life where I’d rather be with my kiddos or managing a deer herd than studying reloading guides and trimming brass.  I’ve trusted Barnes for years as the bullets my daughters use to shoot deer.  I want my daughters to be successful and I know Barnes bullets have exceptional accuracy and killing ability.  That’s as strong of an endorsement as I can give any bullet!

That’s why I was extremely excited when Barnes introduced the VOR-TX bullet this year.  I can now have the exceptional performance of a Barnes bullet from a factory load!!  This saves me time and money!  I sighted in a .308 yesterday after installing a new Nikon Monarch scope.  I had the gunsmith bore sight the rifle.  I shot the first three at 50 yards.  Shot two and shot three cut the same hole (the first shot from a clean barrel usually flies slightly different).

I then moved to 100 yards and shot a three-shot group again.  Groups are what matter to me.  I can easily adjust where the groups are located.  I then moved to 200 yards and the Barnes delivered another three-shot one inch group!  The accuracy and terminal performance of the Barnes VOR-TX bullets are simply outstanding.  I’m 100% confident in Barnes VOR-TX bullets.

Growing Deer together,