December 11, 2009, December 10, 2010, December ??, 2011

By GrowingDeer,

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I eagerly awaited the hunt this morning.  I was more excited and curious than most mornings.  This was because last year on December 11 there were more Reconyx images taken of mature bucks during the daytime than any other day last year.  Was that simply coincidence?  Probably, but I was excited enough to get up earlier than normal this morning.  I rarely hunt stands that overlook food plots during the morning, but we had eight images of Giant 10 during mid morning in the Big Boom plot at The Proving Grounds two days ago.  So Brad and I did our normal routine of putting on our hunting clothes in the woods before light and attempted to hike quietly through the woods to a never hunted before stand hung on the north side of Big Boom.  The wind was from the south this morning and all seemed well.  At about 7:30 Brad spotted three bobcats hunting a log pile leftover from clearing the Big Boom Plot.

I squeaked and the largest cat started coming from 100 yards out.  However, the cat turned and continued hunting with the other two cats.  At 8:15 three fawns entered Big Boom to our left.  The wind was in our favor so we simply enjoyed the view.  Then six does and fawns entered the field to our left.

At this point, I strongly suspected a buck would be along shortly to see if any of the does or fawns were ready to dance.  Then I spotted 5 more does and fawns to our right.  Finally a two or three year old buck entered to our far left and began grunting and pestering a fawn.  He wasn’t a deer on my hit list, but I enjoyed watching him.

Brad and I observed 15 deer simultaneously at The Proving Grounds this morning!  That’s the most I’ve ever seen here at one time, or in a day, or in most weeks!  No shots were fired, but it was a very enjoyable hunt.  I can’t wait to check the trail cameras and see if there was similar action at other locations throughout The Proving Grounds.  I’ve already marked my calendar for this day next year.  I wonder if today and last year were simply coincidence…

Growing Deer together,