Deer Hunting: Beating The Heat

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Fall is here and that means deer season! Many hunters have already had the opportunity to hit the woods. If your season has not yet opened or you are waiting for your first opportunity, chances are you are excited.

Weather forecast showing warmer than usual temperatures during early bow season

The forecast is calling for warm temperatures at The Proving Grounds. We will have to try to stay cool while hunting this week.

Unfortunately, early season hunting is usually paired with warm temperatures. If hunters do not adapt their hunting techniques for warm temperatures, they may regret it later. Hunters often wear long sleeve shirts and long pants and it doesn’t take long to begin sweating. Sweat smells and is hard to hide. As hunters, we want to reduce our scent while in the woods. Here are a few tips to help fight early season temperatures.

  • Wear lightweight clothing. Breathable and vented clothes help keep your body temperature low.
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt to the stand. Once you are in the stand, switch to a long sleeve shirt. Minimize scent by placing the short sleeve shirt in a gallon Ziploc® bag and store it in a backpack.
  • Leave a few minutes early. Having extra time to walk slowly to the stand can help keep you cooler and reduce scent left in the woods.
  • Use scent control. Spraying down with Dead Down Wind field spray before walking in can help control scent. Dead Down Wind field wipes are also nice to wipe down with after climbing into the stand

Even though conditions can make hunting the early season tricky, there are ways to tag that early season deer. Stay cool and enjoy getting back into the woods!

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