Cooking Frog Legs | Converting Pasture | Creating Mock Scrapes – Episode #401

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Learn how to convert pasture and create mock scrapes in GrowingDeer episode 401.

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The GrowingDeer Team fixes a mess of frog legs! After a great meal, Grant heads to the field with the interns and begins converting an old pasture overgrown by cedars into a quality wildlife food source. Plus, we share how to make and use mock scrapes during the late summer!

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Three great looking bucks with velvet antlersShort Clip:

Three great looking velvet bucks can’t help but show off their stuff! Watch “The Three Amigos” pose for a great video!


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A mature buck

New Weekly Blog:

Find out how deer use thermals or air movement based on slope and temperature to alert them of predators (two and four legged). Knowing how deer use thermals will help you know where, when and how to hunt this fall!

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A hunter checks the acorn crop when hanging a Summit Stand

Tip of the Week:

Acorn crops can differ year to year. While trimming or hanging stands, check for this year’s acorn crop and hunt accordingly.