Cold Feet, The Downfall Of Any Hunt

By GrowingDeer,

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It’s happened to anyone who’s ever spent time chasing late season whitetails. Once cold weather has set in, attention, preparation, and anticipation can all but be thrown away as the new focus becomes keeping your feet warm! Below are the steps Grant and I use to avoid cold feet so we can stay alert in the tree stand!

Boot blankets and heated insoles

These two objects can help hunters keep their feet warm during those cold winter hunts.

Last week I shared some tips on how we stay warm in a deer stand and avoid those hunts where the only goal is to get warm! Our late season tactics to stay warm don’t end there; keeping your feet warm is challenge all in itself! Here are the steps we use:

  1. Don’t Sweat It – It’s important to understand two things when trying to avoid sweaty feet. How long is the walk to your stand? How much can you wear to keep your feet warm on the walk in, but avoid overheating? It’s a fine line, but knowing these things can be the difference in having sweaty feet or warm comfortable feet.
  2. Liner Socks – This small lightweight sock needs the power to wick away moisture. This will keep your foot dry and ultimately warmer. The liner sock also allows you to place a disposable heated insole on your foot. These small, disposable, heated insoles are placed near the ball of your feet and then wrapped around the top side of your foot covering your toes.
  3. Wool Socks – With a liner sock and heated insole on, then slip on a thicker wool sock over them. This wool sock will keep the warmth in and around your toes. We use the Redhead Lifetime Guarantee socks.
  4. Boots – During the late season, wear a size or two bigger than usual. This allows your toes to move slightly keeping plenty of blood moving, and also provides enough air for the heated insoles to work correctly.
  5. Boot Blankets – With liner socks, heated insoles, wool socks, and warm boots we still need a way to keep the heat in. The boot blanket keeps the heat in and also cuts the wind from cooling down your boot. I was skeptical of these at first, but once I tried them I was amazed at how well they worked!

The combination of these six things will help you keep your feet warm during the late season allowing you to sit longer and be more comfortable.

Daydreaming of Whitetails,