Chasing a Tricky Ozark Mountain Tom – Episode #442

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Watch Rae’s turkey hunt in GrowingDeer episode 442.New Video

Rae grabs the Winchester and heads to the turkey woods! Watch as a big Ozark Mountain tom makes Rae work for a shot. Then, Grant shares an update of the Buffalo System for our food plots and the observations he’s made after a spring rain.

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Velvet bucks in Eagle Seed forage soybeansNew blog:

Food plot management techniques and seed varieties have improved significantly during the past 25+ years. Food plots provide deer the nutrients that they need to grow healthy and strong. Plus, you can create the opportunity for a memorable hunting season next fall by maintaining great food plots. In this blog, Grant shares what he’s using for the successful food plot program at The Proving Grounds.

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Deer eating clover in a food plotShort VIDEO:

Whitetails are selective feeders. Watch as this deer seeks out the clover in this food plot!




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Boots on a Scent Crusher Ozone Equipment Station

Tip of the Week:

The Scent Crusher Ozone Equipment Station is a great way to dry your turkey hunting boots and there’s an additional benefit – it eliminates odors!