Celebrating Pops: The Hunter, Father, The Man – Episode #432

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Watch GrowingDeer episode 432 to see a tribute to Glen “Pops” WoodsNew Video

Pops Woods taught the GrowingDeer Team many lessons. For Pops, hunting was about sharing time with family and the Creator. This week we share several of our favorite lessons, memories and hunting moments of Pops. We celebrate his life as not only a hunter, but husband, father and friend.

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Grant holds up a matching set of shed antlers

spring field days 2018:

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Using an owl call

new weekly blog:

Locating toms on the roost can be key to moving in close. Learn tips for using an owl call to get turkeys to gobble.



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South Texas turkeys

Short VIDEO:

The best way to learn how to call turkeys is to listen to real turkeys! Grab your calls, crank up the volume of this video, and begin to call along!




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Grant patterns his turkey gun

Tip of the Week:

Patterning your turkey gun before opening day ensures you know your effective range!