Camera survey time!

By GrowingDeer,

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Brad and I will begin a camera survey at The Proving Grounds next week.  We checked out some of our traditional camera survey sites today, shifted some cameras from monitoring plots to our camera survey sites, etc.  I really enjoy all aspects of the survey.  I enjoy the field work, learning how many bucks are using the property, and all the great information that a properly designed and implemented camera survey yields.

Some deer managers shy away from doing a camera survey because they believe it is too “scientific.”  To make implementing a camera survey easier for our viewers, I’ve posted a step by step guide to setting up a camera survey and analyzing the data.  Camera surveys can be a lot of work, pending on the size of the property and the site-specific deer density.  However, I’ve always found the herd management and buck movement information obtained more than justify the effort.

I will caution that herd surveys are like any other measurement.  If the measurement is wrong, the resulting assumptions and herd management prescriptions will be wrong.  However, by following the simple steps in my outline, you can proceed with confidence that you will know much more about managing and hunting your property!

Growing Deer together,