Bugling Bulls, Big Bucks at Bass Pro and More! – Episode #410

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Join Grant on a tour of Johnny Morris’ new Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium! See some of the biggest bucks in recent history in their Hall of Horns! Then Grant and Daniel head to New Mexico where they encounter more bull elk than ever before.

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A buck stands at the edge of an open fieldShort Clip:

You probably all know this hunter! Can you guess who it is by their harvests?




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Instant Pot used for cooking venison

New Weekly Blog:

Hunting season is here and that means fresh venison! This week we share one of our favorite venison stew recipes!!





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Trimming connective tissue off of venison

Tip of the Week:

Trimming the fat, connective tissue and lymph nodes off of venison keeps the meat tasting fresh and not “gamey”.