Bucks on the Board – Episode #365

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch GrowingDeer episode 365 to see three hunts and three buck tags get filled.

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Three hunts, three bucks: every hunt can present new challenges. From an archery spot and stalk to a rifle hunt from a Redneck Blind, watch the unique hunting strategies and action unfold here as three buck tags are filled.

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A buck at a TrophyRock Four65 stationShort Clip:

This is what November is all about. Check out this buck’s behavior!


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Grant Woods with hit list buck Tall 8

New Weekly Blog:

Do you consider how deer will use the wind before selecting a stand? This information may encourage you to start!


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A buck at a TrophyRock Four65 stationTip of the Week:

Temperatures are dropping! Be sure to practice with your bow and the additional layers.