Bows, Bugles, and Bulls: New Mexico Elk Hunt 2018 – Episode #463

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Chasing elk in GrowingDeer episode 463

Grant returns to New Mexico to chase elk! With the rut heating up and bulls screaming, the encounters are close and many. Watch the entire story as multiple bulls hit the ground. Plus, Tyler punches a tag as we work toward our doe management goal at The Proving Grounds.

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New blog:

Knowing that deer have a sweet tooth can help hunters punch a tag. Learn how to scout and hunt sweet and tasty persimmon!





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buck checks out a Code Blue scrapeWOrking it:

Scrapes are heating up! This buck puts on a show at the Code Blue synthetic scrape!





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Cleaning hands with D/Code field wipe


D/Code Field Wipes make cleaning dirty hands in the woods a breeze.








A Redneck hunting blind overlooking a food plot

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Can I have too many stand or blind locations on my property?

Answer: More hunting locations on a property is actually better so the hunting pressure can spread out and reduce the chances of deer being alerted in the same areas repeatedly. Having more options allows hunters more places to hunt with different wind directions so they can approach, hunt, and exit without alerting deer.