Bow Hunting Success In New Mexico – Episode #411

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Watch a thrilling elk hunt in GrowingDeer episode 411.New Video

Watch as Grant comes down to the wire on his final afternoon of elk hunting in New Mexico. It is a race against time as he tries to sneak within range of two fighting bulls before shooting light ends!

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Southpaw, a hit list buck, at a Code Blue scrapeShort Clip:

An up close and personal look at one of our top hit list bucks, Southpaw!




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Grant Woods and James Harrison

New Weekly Blog:

Hunters using deer calls will enjoy this video blog on deer vocalizations: how, why, and when to grunt throughout the entire deer season!



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Cleaning a Bloodsport arrow with a D/Code field wipe

Tip of the Week:

By cleaning used arrows with a scent eliminator wipe, you can easily remove blood and dirt AND reduce scent for the next hunt!