Bow Hunting Opening Day: Doe Down! – Episode #461

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Bow Hunt Raleigh at full draw bucks doe

Raleigh returns home from college for Missouri’s opening day of deer season. She punches her first tag of the season!

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Doe Eating Acorns In Bow Range

New blog:

The acorns are dropping here at The Proving Grounds. This means that deer that have been on a food to cover pattern for the last couple of months will be more difficult to hunt!



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bow hunter in treestandA Successful Hunt is a Safe Hunt:

Safety should be your first priority when hunting this fall. Always wear a safety harness and be tied to a safety line or the tree when hunting from a treestand. Tim Crawford shares his story about falling from a tree here.


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Using Code Blue on a scrape

weekLY TIP:

Opening up scrapes now conditions deer to using them and can be great camera and hunting locations throughout the season!







hunter with a doe harvested with a Prime bow

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Should does with fawns be given a pass during the early season?

Answer: When many deer seasons open, most fawns are fully functioning ruminants and can survive without the doe. If your harvest goal is to balance deer numbers due to quality of forage, harvesting does early is a great practice.