Bow Hunting: First Buck for Lindsey – Episode #271

By GrowingDeer,

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Lindsey Martin arrows her first buck in episode #271.

Lindsey Martin arrows her first buck! Watch this video to see the story unfold and her patience rewarded. The season was moving along and it wasn’t going well until the late season when Heath discovers a pattern of daylight bucks. They hang a pair of treestands by an old fence gap and wait for the late morning bucks to show.

Plus, It’s Grant and Adam’s last afternoon deer hunt. It’s an action filled final hunt. There’s deer all around them, when suddenly a target buck shows up! It’s a 4.5 year old buck called Rocker and he’s close to making a mistake.

Grant scouts his deer hunting property.Tip of the Week:

Deer Season Over?

Great time to see how deer are using your property.

There’s no fear of busting deer, so get in there and scout.

Look for well used trails and scrapes. Find new patterns now, for better hunting next season.