Big Kansas 8 – Episode #264

By GrowingDeer,

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Heath Martin puts a big, Kansas 8 point down in episode #264.

For Heath Martin, the road to harvesting a mature Kansas buck has not been easy. This all changed recently when a group of does worked toward his tree stand and a big, mature 8 pointer was following! Watch this episode to get caught up with the Martins and their 4 state deer season. Plus, what’s next is hard to watch: Imagine conditions are perfect to hunt one of your core hit list bucks. Driving to the stand you see something in the food plot…something no hunter wants to see.

Tip Of The Week:A buck uses a travel route between a bedding and cover area

Heath’s Tip For Hunting Now
Set up on travel routes between bedding/cover areas
Bucks will still be cruising for does