Benefits Of Fall Planting – Episode #252

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The benefits of bow season planting in episode #252.

Adrenaline of the coming bow opener hangs in the air! …But so does the forecast of rain. Grant knows rain on the way is the secret sauce for launching a fall food plot. So, even with the bow opener approaching, Grant and the boys hustle to spread some seed because the benefits are that big!

Update: It’s been over a week since they planted, and the boys are back to see if hand broadcasting seed in the plots worked. It’s pretty cool and we got the footage.A fall food plot planted with Eagle Seed Broadside

Tip of the Week:

Forecast call for rain? Get out and plant a fall food plot!

Excellent for deer health: Bigger antlers, more fawns.

Keeps the deer on your property: Deer often center their activity around quality forage.

It’s good for your land: Builds the soil, recycles the nutrients.