Would you plant a food plot that visible from a public road?

By Grant Woods,

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I have a property I hunt I have the ability to plant one acre of soybeans for a food plot I could plant three more acres but it would be highly visible from road so I’m trying to stick to just one acre . How many deer on average can one acre of soybeans support or what else would be a good food plot ? There is nothing withing miles except woods and thickets as far as agriculture a garden is as close as you can get.


I think you are wise to not plant a food plot that’s visible from a public road!  That’s simply inviting trouble!!

Eagle Seed forage soybeans have been tested by multiple universities to produce more forage than any other crop and a good stand will produce seven tons per acres.  Deer can easily consume a ton per year.  Deer will likely consume some native forage, etc., so on acre would support five to seven deer.

I don’t believe the extra forage is worth planting the acreage that’s visible from the road!

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November 16, 2015