Would you harvest a mature doe this time of year in south Mississippi?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Grant,

Thank you for all you cover in your videos and writings.

I have a small wooded piece of land outside the city limits in south Mississippi that a family of deer tends to frequent. What’s your opinion on trying to take the doe and leaving the two yearlings to fend for themselves? Or should I wait it out another year to see if they attract some possible bucks or have babies of their own? This is the second year they have been actively there and I plan on improving that area in the future. I also will be hunting with a bow.

Thank you,

Chris B.


Thank you for sharing the encouraging words!

I suspect there are more deer in the area with a home range that overlaps the property you hunt.  I also expect these deer will spend more time on the property as you improve the habitat quality.  Therefore I’d have no problem tagging a mature doe (or buck if you see one!).  

I wish you success!

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December 21, 2015